Sound starts when I unplug headset

I have noted a strange behaviour of FP2, for quite some time now. I waited to report hoping it would get solved with some updates… When Google Play Music or Sonos is open but not playing music (I.e. paused) and I unplug my headset, the music starts playing at high volume. It’s like the opposite of what you usually get: that the music STOPS playing when unplugging the headset. Has anyone come across this behaviour? Did not find any discussion. Otherwise now quite happy with how FP2 is performing.

Check out the following post:

Well, thank you, makes all sense. But I am using the google play music and
sonos. In both apps I cannot find the options described for power amp. Is
there a default menu for FP2? Or is it all specific for each app?

Thanks for any advice. In the meantime I will use the workaround of “slowly


Hello - I’m also looking into this answer and can’t find a thread that answers the problem - maybe someone can direct me there?

I’m not using power amp - I use Apple Music and the music plays when I pull the audio jack out. Any solutions out there?


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