Sound quality of the Microphone is bad

Using the Soundrecording App. The Recordings sound not very good. I don’t expect a Sennheiser Quality but my voice sounds dull (dumpf in german :wink:
Does anyone made the same experience?

I just tried it on my FP2, and the sound could be better I think.

It is a bit tinny (“blechern” in German) and dull (“dumpf” in German).
As I did not use soundrecording on other phones I can not compare how it should sound :wink:

I used an iPhone before and it has a very good sound. Maybe it is the app, but I don’t think so.

How about compared to the audio quality when you call someone?
If the person you’re calling doesn’t hear you “tinny” and dull than it can’t be the microphone.

People used to have bad phone connections :wink:
With my iPhone it was totaly different if I made a phone call ore I made a Voice-Recording.
But I will ask the next callers. Thank you!

Iphone has an excellent microphone. I Know a female singer who made me some recordings of our rehearsals, with which I could really practise afterwords. I’ve never heard smartphone recordings in this quality before. So don’t compare only Iphone.

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