Sound problem with calls (microphone never works in calls)

Hi fairphoners!

I don’t think this has been discussed yet but do point me in the right direction if I’m wrong.

I’ve had my FP2 for a couple of weeks now and have been very happy on the whole (bar the common bugs) but in the last few days a new issue has started. When I’m making a normal voice call I can’t be heard unless I’m on speaker. I can hear the other person no problem. I’ve tried a factory reset but that didn’t help. I’ve checked to see if something is blocking the speaker - nothing there.

Any ideas what the problem could be? Is it a hardware fault? Anyone else experiencing this? Bit of a problem having to make all calls on speaker!!

any help appreciated

After a reboot or swichting the phone off I find the setting of the Mediavolume to the lowest setting.
So every time I have to check the Mediavolume for it’s setting.
Perhaps that’s your problem to.

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Thanks for the idea - unfortunately didn’t help. Wondering if I’ve a faulty mic although hoping that’s not the case. Would hate to have to send off for a repair so soon after finally getting it!

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If you find that the problems start to occur during a call (instead of straight from the start), the topic linked above is a better match.

When I have a phone call, I can not hear people with the ear speaker.
The only way to hear people is to activate the bottom speaker (conference mode?).
Can you help me ?

I have a similar problem . This happens when I activate the speaker mode call , then my FP2 microphone works only on speaker mode if I edsactivate the speaker mode the microphone stop working.

Hi did you ever figure out what happened here? This is happening to my phone too!

i generally use a bluetooth headset with my phone, because I also use a phone from work and they’re both connected. But on the rare occasion I am not using my headset the other party cannot hear me talking. I need to use the speaker on my phone and that is not always what I want. Anyone else having this issue?

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If the microphone in the bottom module never seems to work (but the one used for conference calls and videos does), there could be an issue with the bottom module, or the connection to it. In some cases taking out the bottom module and putting it back again helps (videos and tips on how to disassemble and re-assemble here), in other cases the module itself needs to be replaced (a warranty issue for which you’ll need to contact support).

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I have had the same problem

Hello everybody, please find relevant information here to check if you have an issue with the primary microphone of your Fairphone 2:

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This topic sorted my similar problem (I needed a new bottom module - twice): Microphone not working anymore