Sound of voices speaking is wired and "schratchy"

Suddenly the sound of the voice on the phone is " schratching". Making a strange noise when people talk so it is a little difficult to understand what they say. Can I replace that item inside that creates the sound ?
Best regards

It is like this permanently now? For how long has it been like this?

Hi…yes it is all the time and it came suddenly.

around 30 days long now.

Well, sounds really like a hardware issue. Contact FP support, as long as you haven’t voided your warranty, you can probalby get it repaired by them under warranty.

yes it sounds like something broken of the little loudspeaker… I will contact FP support…Thanks a lot. Now I know there is something called FP support…I did niot know that. Vidhi

Same problem here. Any info on how to solve this?

Please read the posts above yours. There has been much “info” provided.

Hi Filip…I wrote to hardware support but no answer until now. Let me know if you find out of something…Regards Vidhi

Hi Vidhi, thanks for the reply. I contacted them too and will keep you posted if I get a response.

Hi there…they say the loudspeaker is broken…Either I can change it myself or send back the phone for repair. I think I will send it back because there is nobody here in Denmark that can help me.

Thanks for keeping me posted. After trying some of their suggestions (a hard reset and a different SIM-card), nothing changed. I will be sending it back too.