Sound doesn't work

Hello fellow FP-Users,
a couple of weeks ago the sound of my phone stopped working most of the time. At the beginning, I thought, it was just the alarm settings, because most of the time, I have my phone on vibrate. But then I tried it in a few apps (eg gaming apps like the Simpsons Spingfield) and most of the time, there also is no sound. Then, sometimes the sound turns on again, totally random and not linked to a specific action. But very rarely.
Today I was watching a short news video in the FB-app. It needed a few seconds, but the sound worked. Then I got a text in Whatsapp and opened just the pulldown menu to see from whom it was while the video was still playing and suddenly, the sound was gone. After pausing the vid, pressing start again and then one or two seconds, it was working again.
Has anyone an idea how to fix this?

Hm, maybe a bad contact at the audio module connection. A bit of cleaning may help if you are familiar with disassembling the phone. I guess this also happens with connected headphones that sound is missing? Does it change anything when you twist the phone slightly and very, very gentle?
Do you use headphones very often? Maybe the phone jack is causing this. I´m not sure how this is exactly constructed, but as I know them there are mechanical working contacts which actually switch (toggle) the function between headphones and speaker. A worn out phone jack could cause such strange bahaviour too. Some contact spray may help if so.

Actually, I never use headphones. I’ll try but I don’t think that it will do anything. A bad contact wouldn’t explain, why the sound works, when I want to change ringtones for the alarm, it always plays the melody. But when the alarm has to ring in the morning, it doesn’t.
I can try to clean the contacts, I know how to disassemble the phone, but I don’t think it’ll be a solution.

This behaviour was not mentioned in your first post…yes - propably no contact issue. Rather looks like a software issue. Trying out the elimination method deinstalling some apps and also cleaning caches may bring you closer to the solution. I disbelieve that there is a solution available out of the box but trial and error by doing this.
If nothing helps, there is still the last option of a factory reset before sending it for repair.

Anyway good luck

Yes, I forgot to mention it. But it seems like you were right with the contacts. I tried your advise of slightly bending my phone during an appgame and it worked. So I opened the phone, cleaned the contacts and slightly adjusted one of them, it seemed so be a bit bended in. And now, tada!, sound again.

I think, the sometimes working, sometimes not depended on how I held my phone. On its back - no sound. on its side just sometimes a sound and while holding it normally in my hand I had a sound.
After opening it up, I tested it, lying on the back, just like it lies there over night, with the alarm sound. And so far, it works!

So thank you Patrick for giving the idea!

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Oh, that sounds fine. Thanks for your final feedback. I am glad that I could help.