Sorry...close to giving up

Hello. Its been 9 months of black screens, unable to answer calls, phone crashing, constant emails from co-operative and fairphone, constant updates &reboots, whole days just spent on my phone fixing it, 24 hours with no texts messages ???

Really has been a lot of stress and with no warning. I suggested over emial that sending a letter with the phone explaining that you have to believe in this and be ready to work through these problems. I think it would have been less of a shock.

Selling a phone pretending like it will work has caused me to receive complaints at work as the phone has cut many people off. I have two jobs, I book events in for a large venue and environmental campaigner, I use the phone a lot and talk to a lot of people for work. They all know my fairphone hasn’t ever really worked smoothly.

I advised two of my friends to get a fairphone, both experiencing the same problems, and to be honest I have been advising everyone to wait till the next version of the phone comes out cause this has been a nightmare really.

I am traveling on my own through various countries atm and my screen wouldn’t work the other day when I needed to call someone in a train station and then I realised how dangerous this is, if I was in an emergency and couldnt call for help.

For the first time I just said to myself I have to cancel the contract and get a new phone, my work are also asking me to change phones as its in my contact to have a working phone.

I am on this forum because I am about to give up, but I love the idea of this phone.



Fail to understand why Fairphone can’t put a charge against your credit card (in case of failure to return old device) and send out a refurbished one immediately where there is warranty in place. It is sad to see all the advice to disassemble modules and put back together as a solution to everything.

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I sympathize … I’m nerly in the same situation.

In the begining I was very motivated regarding the concept. I used to say to every one around me what was great to support once a fair business.
I push everyone I knew to change there cosmetic phone to FP2.
I’m also at my 9th month of using my FP2 and I’m also at the end of my patience and at the edge of my disillusionment.

One point that reenforce my feeling is that I had quasi no feedback for FP since the first complain I posted, and I’m still facing issues without knowing if it’s normal or if there’s something that can be done. So I use my phone like I can, avoiding some manipulations that I know will cause problems.

I work with my phone and my boss always kills me with his eyes when I can’t answer with my FP2 because the screentouch isn’t working … and I have a customer on the line.

So please, to whom it may concern at FP, find a way out for us or we’ll be soon giving up sadly.



If you received a faulty device (which can happen with any smartphone device) you have a 14 day period in which you can return the phone even without giving any reason.
After that you have 2 years warranty in which you can have a faulty device or module replaced.
Here on this community forum we can help you with other issues that are not covered by warranty.

If you have an issue you think the community can help you with please first search for an existing topic and if none exists please create a topic in #fairphone2help with a descriptive title.

I’m closing this topic as it’s leading nowhere.

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