Soooo many bugs!

I’m starting to get really fed up with my phone!

I’ve bought a new microphone as sometimes people couldn’t hear me at all when I make calls, I have to put on the loudspeakers and that’s not fun in public spaces. The new mike didn’t help, I still have the same problem, even with received calls.

I bought a new camera as I wanted better pictures, especially in bad light, but I can’t see much change in there.

I can’t turn off the phone, it just re-starts. I got tipped that if you turn on the flashlight then it’ll turn off. Yeah, it works, but that’s no fun at cinema and theatre! (which I visit regularly).

Also if the batteries run out completely I can’t turn on the phone without taking out the batteries first!

The wifi doesn’t get updated. There’s so many times I haven’t been able to show my ticket as my phone doesn’t get wifi! I have to re-start my phone to get wifi, even when coming home! Now I just read that if you turn your phone to flight mode and then off again you’ll get your wifi. Haven’t tested that yet, but even that is unnecessary!

And usually when the phone is recharging I can’t surf at all!

Now David Bowie released a new app about David Bowie Is expo and I can’t download it on my phone as it’s not compatible enough!!!

Now if anyone can give good tips to make all these troubles dissappear I would be so greatfull!


I suggest to enter DND (do-not-disturb) mode: Just lower volume to below 0 it automagically set DND. Raising volume two times leaves it. Volume at 0 automatically activates vibration with me. DND mode has to be set to not let calling and other disturbances through, of course (in settings).

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In addition I suggest airplane mode. Having no connection prevents you from being called, from getting messages etc., so basically just like you would have switched off the phone. Having a phone in that mode for 2 hours in the cinema should even save energy compared to a fresh start after that time.


First off make sure to regularly charge the phone when battery level drops below 20%. This will also help extending battery life (mine is 3 years and in good health). However you absolutely can boot the phone when charging. Press the power button a second time for few seconds when seeing the “charging” screen and the phone should start from there as usual.

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I think the issue is not about starting the phone but about the phone being unresponsive while charging, see here: Fairphone 2 unusable while charging

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