Some Technical / Software Issues

Hello all

Just listing some technical issues I’m experiencing with my FP2 since I got it a few days ago. Maybe someone knows where to redirect me to in order to have an answer to these problems, or someone can tell me ‘they’re working on it’, or someone can just provide an answer - that would be even better!

  • My wifi constantly switches off and on, and it mostly displayed with an exclamation mark next to it.
  • The FP2 activates reaaaaally slowly, as if it needs a coffee and is really in a bad mood for having been waken up
  • When listening to audio messages on Whatsapp, the phone does not sense my ear/face when it’s near and therefore constantly switches between loudspeaker and phone speaker (proximity sensor problem?)
  • When trying to send Whatsapp audio messages, the phone does not seem to sense my finger pressing the ‘record’ button, cancels those messages or just sends them while still holding the button (erratic screen?)
  • Furthermore, when sending those messages, the receiver needs to reboot whatsapp a few times before the messages actually contain sound at her end

It’s really annoying, and really having a profound impact on my relationship with my phone. I hope this gets fixed - I like a phone with character, but not with moods.


Hi, did you check out the list of known issues already?: