Some suggestions about fairphone hardware

Hi !
I don’t use fairphone yet but I am interested by the product and the easy repairs possibilities.

I just have some thoughts and suggestions about the fairphone 3 and 3+ hardware, and I wanted to make a feedback for the fairphone engineers.

I have an ISP in France that uses 700 Mhz 4G+ for his network (band 28). I was disappointed to see that Fairphone is not compatible with this frequency. It is a pity because it is the best frequency for the indoor 4G used by this ISP.
As most of the mobiles are now compatible with 28 band, it is disappointing to see fairphones without.

–> For the future phones, I suggest that engineers can check every 4G band used in EU and word and try to make it as compatible as possible.

Although the PH3+ is very good to me. I cannot buy a phone which cannot use my ISP 4G.
I also may suggest to switch to 5G for the next models. Even if it seems useless, it may have better power and frequency efficiency for the future (the main goal is to keep the phone as long as possible).

Have a great day :slight_smile:


Free mobile is just the worst ISP in France, the solution is very easy : change for one of the 3 others :slight_smile:


In fact, free mobile may be better in some areas even if it is the last isp in France.

The 28 band is not just used by Free mobile in France. It is also used by Orange and sometimes Bouygues and SFR.

It is not very acceptable to have 500 euros mobile without the 28 band. Even cheap phones have the 700 Mhz. It allows to get more speed in 4G+ or better coverage inside or in the countryside.


Indeed, Free could be a good choice if we talked about… landline phone :slight_smile:

The 28 band is or will be used by everyone in France. But others have got 10MHz wide in the 800MHz (20) band (and 5 to 10MHz in 28 band). Only Free will have to share its 28 band in 4G and 5G with DSS : very bad (

Indeed, no support of the 28 band was something that almost made me not buy a Fairphone.
(I notify @rae since so Fairphone can receive our feedback)

Well noted. Thanks for the feedback. I will share your comments with our team. :slight_smile:


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