Some problems with the "build in" contact app

1st problem:
After upgrading to 1.8.5 the “contact app” (which is part of the original configuration) very often causes a complete freeze of the whole phone for several (up to 10) seconds to show the contacts or the details for one contact. This happens also by showing the local stored contacts only, without any data transfer connections like WIFI or G3.

2nd problem:
The vcf-files (containing contacts) created by google contacts cannot be used to import contacts into the phone. Only those vcf-files are working which are created with the contact app of the phone (using import > from google account > to SD-card)
Interestingly both vcf- files - containing the same addresses - are very different:
File created with google:
VERSION:3.0 60.8 KB (62’343 Bytes)
File creaded with the fairphone app:
VERSION:2.1 377 KB (386’194 Bytes)
Does that mean, that fairphone does not accept the vcf-version 3.0 ?

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Ad 1:
Maybe something went wrong during the software upgrade? You could try reinstalling 1.8.5. If that doesn’t help maybe you need to do a hard reset (backup first! this erases everything).

Well, reinstalling or even doing a factory reset for me is not a very good choice … after this I will have to invest a lot of hours to configure the phone and all apps …
What I found in is, that this seems to be broader know issue of Android.

What I have done now is to install
After merging all duplicates (caused by the fact, that many persons are listed in more than one account like “local” “goggle contacts” “skype”) it seems, that the contact app is opening faster.

Btw: It is a pity that the build in contact app offers no function to merge duplicates …

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