Some problems with my FP3


I have my FP since about 4 months and I’ve experienced some issues… Sometimes I can’t hear people and when that happens I have to restart the phone. In that case, sometimes I need a few restarts because the display doesn’t show the right colors.

Any one else has experienced the same issues? Of course, I have tha latest update avaible.

Thank you.

The first problem could be this one:

Regarding the display problem, I have no exact idea. Make sure that the display is properly connected to the rest of the phone (check if the screws are tightened, and don’t forget to check if the plastic “teeth” are all close and “clicked” – look for gaps between the display and the rest of the phone).

To see how you can disassemble the phone, there are videos by Fairphone and illustrated instructions by iFixit.

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This seems to be a common problem with smartphones in general, it is not really clear as to why this happens, it happened to me but only in certain area so I deduced it has to be the mobile network.

If you have a backup phone try using it and see if problem persists.

When I bought the FP3 I was thinking about make some kind of change.

I think that the company is doing a few things good and I hope they have luck in the future. I am very concerned about enviroment but actually my phone has not being working as it should since the begining. I have waited, but since the last update I can’t answer any call. How can it be possible? It works worse than before.

What exactly does that mean?

Is the phone ringing, but there are no buttons displayed to accept or reject the call?
A somewhat common cause of this across many different phones would be Settings - Apps & notifications - See all - Phone - Notifications … could be off in general or could be off in detail for incoming calls.
Else … Do Not Disturb Mode could be activated. Is there something that looks like a “No entry” sign in the status bar?

Or don’t you hear the person who called?

Or doesn’t the person who called hear you?

What’s your current version?
Settings - About phone - Build number
(Most current one right now should be 8901.2.A.0111.20200131)

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I had a single time on day one where when I restarted the screen was crazy coloured pixels, another restart and the colours were off but usable, took a screenshot and restarted, then fine. The screenshot showed normal colours. I haven’t experienced it since in a week with quite a few restarts. Possibly hardware issue in screen or screen connection? Try disconnect screen clean connection and reconnect?

Thanks for your answer.

I mean that the phone is ringing, but there are no buttons displayed to accept or reject the call. But every permissions are ON for the phone app. Also, every app has all permissions (I have very few apps in my phone so I don’t care about privacy).

The compilation number is: 8901.2.A.0111.20200131 (read from my phone)·

That’s not the only one issue. Since the first day, the sound deactivate whenever it wants so, at first I could answer the call but nobody hears me and I could not hear anyone. Also was the same for whatsapp audios and other multimedia audio as youtube.

If I restart the phone it usually takes a few tries because the screen shows strange colors or flickers. Sometimes everything goes well with the phone, but I don’t know when I could not answer someone or the screen will become to do strange things.

I have disarmed the phone and disconnected and reconnected the screen. Everything looked well.

I have having issues since the phone arrived in last october and is very tiring…

I have had the same problems with my FP3, I think it must be some hardware problem. I have check the connections but everything looks well connected.