Some problems with my FP2

Dear Fairphone Team,

let me beginn with the good part: I realy like the FAIRPHONE 2! In my opinion it´s great what you are doing and this is the reason i need to tell you a few things i found out. I want you to improve the FAIRPHONE for everyone.
Keep up the good work! :slightly_smiling:

Somehow i found a disturbing feature (or bug). Should it be considered normal that i do not have to enter my PIN when connected to a bluetooth device?
My car has buildin bluetooth and as soon as i am connected, the phone stops asking for the pin code to unlook.

So far i do not had any troubles with Apps - except for the STEAM App. I can install and deinstall it the hole day. The App starts and nothing is happening (i confirmed with a friend that the issue is not the App itself).

Why is there no blacklist function? Can i simply not find it? I am pretty new to android (ex Apple user) so i asked some of my collegues at work - but nobody managed to show me how to put a number in the blacklist.

I had so far two system crashes - i do not consider this important (i have the fairphone since 3 weeks). I am just telling. :slightly_smiling:

Again, thank you very much and sorry for my bad english.

Best regards,

I moved your post to #fairphone2help and changed the title so it better reflects your issues.

About the problem with the App, have you tried the #privacyimpact workaround yet?

When you say blackouts, do you mean not responding black screen, frozen screen or random reboots?

Just for being clear: you realise you are on a community / user forum, so you’re not in contact with the FP team? If you want to reach them directly, you can send them a question or call them (telephone number at the bottom of that page). However, support seems to be overwhelmed with questions, it may take some weeks to get a reply.

And on the bright side: on the forum, you’ll be able to find a lot of information and people willing to answer all kind of questions! :slight_smile:

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About your bluetooth question: I guess that when you connected to your car device for the first time, you were asked if you wanted to add this device to a list of trusted devices. There’s a feature called Smart Lock (Settings–>Security) that disables the PIN etc. when you’re near a trusted device or in a trusted place. You can remove your car device from that list, if you long press on it in the list of trusted devices.

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Thank you! :slightly_smiling:
I will try the privacyImpact workaround.

I tested it and it is working perfect! Thank you. :slight_smile:

With blackouts i mean random reboot.

Best regards,

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Oh i did not know that! So it is a option! :slightly_smiling:
Thank you i will try it out right away.