Some interim poll results

According to the polls on the forum:

  • 66% of us want a FOSS operating system, only 31% want official android
  • but still 88% would pay an average of about 12,5€ for an update to android 5!
  • 82% don’t want google apps preinstalled
  • 45,5% never had problems updating the OS and 68% didn’t have problems updating with the new updater app
  • 43% think better location access is most important for the next fairphone, 26% think a better battery is
  • only 2% think a bigger screen is most important for the next fairphone but still 38% would like a bigger screen (average preferred screen size is about 4,48’’)
  • about 25% each have a black or a blue fairphone case
  • 60% encrypt their phones

I suspect that a lot of this data is incorrect - some polls are rather old, others don’t have lots of votes and generally people active on the forum don’t necessarily represent average FP users - but it’s still interesting.

Here is a list of all polls.
Most of the polls I’m referring to are still open so go vote! :smiley:


Great work! Thank you very much :smile:
Well a first consideration could be that Fairphone users are more critical and careful consumers than the normal smartphones ones, as expected, and this can be considered a victory for Fairphone :smile:


Is the forum a democratic place!? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Thank you very much for the summary!

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