Some Google apps never sync : Agenda, Keep, myMaps

Hey there.
I could not find any post looking like my case on FP2, but the same issue on FP1 seemed to exist. So, i DID check all the background data exchange is ON.

  • In my “account” parameters, some sync. option like Gmail show a short loading time when activated, then sync works fine. BUT Keep, MyMaps, and especially Calendar shows a sync error.

This issue has been going on for weeks - ever since i got the phone in July 2016 actually without improvement, it does upset me when i miss an event i noted on my desktop agenda, or the other way around :confused:

I searched every Google option and fairphone option, it does seem to be FP2-related. Any help would be greatly appreciated, thx !

Tech specs : FP2 - Android 5.1 - Updated 2016/08/05

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