Some Areas of the Screen Are Dead


My FP is just 4 months old and, since last week, some areas of the screen are dead. After having completed a Screen Test, it turns out that left and right bottom areas are not responsive anymore, being left one the biggest. This results in a extremely bad user experience, since several letters cannot be used in the keyboard.

I’m waiting for the Customer Care Department (I must say they are friendly and efficient people) to tell me how to solve this problem but, I’m afraid I will have to send my phone to be repaired and pay, at least, a new touchscreen. That’s for sure going to cost more than 150EUR.

The funny thing is that my phone is in mint condition. You cannot find a single scratch on it and, yet, the screen appears to be broken. I’ve had literally dozens of mobile phones in my life and this is the first time that something like that happened to me. I have broken screens in the past but, in this case, I’m quite sure it’s not my fault. How can the screen stop working if the glass and the rest of the phone is intact? If I had dropped the phone and broken the screen, I would pay for it to be repaired and that’s it but this is not the case. I paid over 300EUR for this device 4 months ago and now I will be asked to pay half of that amount to repair something that I’m sure I didn’t break.

Is there anybody else out there who had experienced the same problems? Please, I’m not looking for those who dropped the phone, broke the screen and now are willing to criticize FP because they don’t want to repair their phones. I need to find out if there are more FP owners out there whose screens stopped working with no reason.

Thanks you in advance for your attention to this matter and forgive my english since it’s not my native language.

Please anybody correct me if I’m wrong but I think that if your screen doesn’t work correctly after just 4 months and you didn’t destroy it yourself then you have warranty.

Screen is intact. As I said, the phone is in mint condition but this is part of the first message I received from the Support Team.

"If the screen does not work in this mode then your screen is most likely broken and has to be replaced and you have 2 options.

  • You can buy a sparepart from our webshop and repair it yourself (or let a local repair shop do it)
  • Send us a picture of the factory mode test screen and let our repair center repair it for you, more information on this page -"

I’m waiting for them to reply my last message but I’m afraid they will blame me for this malfunction.

That’s why I’d like to know if somebody else experienced the same issue.

See this post of mine from some time ago. Maybe it helps you to get justice. :slight_smile:

Did you try the screen test as per this post?

Thanks for your replies guys. As suggested by the Support Team, I tried the screen test and two areas are dead. Both bottom sides are not responsive anymore and left dead area is way bigger than the right one. I’m in touch with a support agent and waiting for them to confirm if this is covered by the warranty since they said it seems like a hardware problem.

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Keep calm and carry on - they replaced my screen on warranty with a similar issue. :sunny: :thumbsup:

If you search the forum, there seem to be some more cases like this. That said, with 60k devices sold, I imagine some show stuff like that. It’s a matter of confidence intervals (in statistics - not in customers confidence… :wink: )



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I’m sending the phone for repair. I hope they will be reasonable and change the screen on warranty. My opinion about the company and their Support Team is good so far and there shouldn’t be any problem. Anyway, it’s always good to hear that someone else could solve a similar issue. Thanks for your help guys!

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Post back here, please, when you have news! :slight_smile:

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Have the same problem ! All left side is dead, quite annoying. I’m writing to the support team to have it repaired while it’s still on warranty. Will post here any important steps.

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Did you do the touch screen test? It speeds up the support process, if you attach a picture of this test (like here) to your support ticket.

Hey guys,
I am having a similar issue with the FP1U. Certain areas on the display do not react if touched. It’s on its way to customer service, I will let you know about the outcome.
Fingers crossed!


I sent my FP to repair today, so I will keep you updated as soon as I receive some feedback from the technicians.

As Flo01 said: Fingers crossed!


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I have exactly the same problem : the left part of the screen is dead and it didn’t fall or anything else. I will write to the support team as well and let you know.


Hi Alberfo,
I have the same problem than you. I have my FP1 for 4 months and it has several zones that doesn’t respond (i did the test). It has not be damaged at all and looks like the first day.
I’m a bit disappointed because of the poor gps quality and now this issue. I think about taking my friend’s old iphone… snif.

Why don’t you too just send your Fairphone to support?

thank you for your answer.
I will, if you think it will be usefull. Can you tell me where I find
the info to do that?

Vera Bustamante

Here you go