🇬🇧 🇫🇷 [SOLVED]-Screen does not come back on during a call - Écran qui ne se rallume pas pendant un appel

Hi folks,
I installed LineageOS 17.1 + OpenG pico on a Fairphone 2 about 3 months ago for my wife. The system is up to date with the latest version of this day on March 12.
But since a few days the phone application is completely buggy. If we receive a call, we pick up by dragging up then the screen goes out and from there, it is not possible any more to turn on the screen thus to hang up. The only way is to remove the battery and restart.
Same problem if you call.
The other functions and applications seem to work properly.

Does anyone have an idea how to fix this serious malfunction?

Salut Tout le Monde,
Voilà, j’ai installé LineageOS 17.1 + OpenG pico sur un Fairphone 2 voici maintenant environ 3 mois pour ma femme. Le système est à jour de la dernière version de ce jour le 12 mars.
Mais depuis quelques jours l’appli téléphone buggue complètement. Si on reçoit un appel, on décroche en balayant puis l’écran s’éteint et à partir de là, il n’est plus possible de rallumer l’écran donc de raccrocher. Le seul moyen est de retirer la batterie et de redemarrer.
*Même problème si l’on appelle. *
Les autres fonctions et appli semblent fonctionner correctement.

Quelqu’un aurait-il une idée pour réparer ce grave dysfonctionnement ?

Not a solution for the issue, but keeping the power button pressed for about 15 seconds should force a reboot.

If it was me, my first try would be to remove the SIM card and insert it again.

Do you have another SIM card you could test in the phone?

Also, SIM cards can deteriorate with age and then can cause any sort of trouble you wouldn’t logically attribute to them.

Or, if you haven’t done so already, recalibrating the proximity sensor might solve the issue.

If that nor replacing SIM card works out, see posts in Black screen problem (LineageOS 17.1 post-Jan 2021-version).


The problem was the calibration of the proximity sensor. After re-calibration it is OK.
Thank you all for your help.


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