[solved] My Fairphone has developed soft buttons above the hardware buttons


suddenly on the screen just above the hardware buttons I have now soft buttons for back, home and switching between applications. They do work, but the eat up a bit of my screen, so I would like to get rid of them. Any hints on how?


Any idea if you’ve installed an app or different ROM right before this started happening?

I am running 1.6, only two things a bit special maybe on my phone:
I am using the Xposed Framework module Gravitiy Box to fix the mediatek GPS issues and I have used root uninstaller to remove the stock browser, music app and a couple of other things.
But I did those modifications quite some time ago and the soft buttons appeared just yesterday.
Should I try to clear data of a specific app to get the home screen back to normal?

Found it. I it was a setting called “Navigation bar” in the Gravitiy Box module of the Xposed Framework.

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