[Solved] Is a Google account necessary for accessing the web?

My Fairphone was working correctly. But now I want to use it without any Google account.
I reset the phone, refused to connect at any Google account and connect to the wifi
But it’s impossible to go to the web or connect to an other email provider. Any idea how to pass through that ?

No, Google account is not required for accessing the internet. I do not have Google Apps installed, but do have internet (in fact writing this very post from my FP).
So the issue lies somewhere else.

Can you check again your WiFi password? It also happened to me, that it simply was wrong.

Very strange. Yes I gess it was not necessary. But now it’s 3 times that I restart the FP, skipping the Google account, and still no access to Internet with the browser or FDroid (manually installed).
My wifi has no password I’im in the forest, nobody around :wink:
No sim installed yet (but it’s supposed to have no effect on that)

I’m afraid it’s a problem with the 1.8 update. Now after the complete reset of the phone it’s impossible to access Internet by the wifi (with or without google account). But (as a priority?) the phone is doing an update and after a time stop. And everything is block.
I gess on this Xmas evening the FP team has other concern :smile:

Sorry for this disturbing messages. The problems is solved . I had some strange stuff with the wifi working with some device and not on some others. Probably traffic jam on some port. Reseting the router solved it.

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