Solved: Google app crashes when pressing my avatar to access settings

Since the rather large update barely a day ago, my google app keeps crashing.

When you swipe left to get to the google app/news page (left to the homescreen) and then press your avatar in the top right to access the google app/assistant settings, it crashes.

Am I the only one?

If you were the only one you might to clean data and cache of the Google app.


I just tried with clearing the cache: did not help. Clearing the data means I will need to resetup my account. I’ll wait a bit before doing that.

I’ve noticed that when I start the google app from the app drawer, all is well. No crashing and I can access the settings. Just not from the homescreen+swip left section. (What is that page called anyway)

Ok, so I just saw a google app update in the Android play store. After updating that, this problem went away.

So it seems to be a known google bug which they fixed and not a fairphone 4 bug.


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