[Solved] Few Problems [SIM not connecting // Update]

Hello, yesterday I finally got my own Fairphone via 1&1 and I already like the phone, even thou I’m facing a few difficulties :slight_smile:
Anyhow im sure that the problems im facing can be solved easily

[Solved] Problem 1: My SIM card wont connect
so far on Problem 1:

  • I inserted the SIM card carefully, and the FP2 got delivered with the Fairphone Onion 1.0
  • manually put in the provider APNs as stated in the tutorial the provider delivered here
  • tried the in my opinion correct one and also the other 2, still not working
  • tried solving it with an OS update, which brings us to Problem 2

[fixed] Problem 2: Updating the OS to Fairphone OS 1.6.2

  • Phone keeps telling me “please wait a little longer” even after beeing fully charged

Ill keep this post updated when there is some progress on these issues

Update: foud an update for the fairphone updater in the google store, maybe this helps…
Update: found the issue with the update, my displaytimeout setting somehow interrupted the Update (set the display timeout to 30 minutes and now it works)
Update the issue was at 1&1 due to a system failure they sent me the wrong SIM card >_>


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