[SOLVED] Fairphone 4 bad signal. Especially Upload speeds & regular calls

I tried with a Orange SIM today at my home in Marseille, which is the best network in France :
0,2 / 0,58 / 5 MB upload :frowning:
The worst is that it is unstable like I noticed. Yesterday I was in a tourisitique place with poor signal coverage…all the touriste arround where surfing the web… I couldn t even give a phone call or send a SMS en GSM… I have been there 10 times and could always give a phone call in the past 4 years.


I will send those info to support Monday. Hopfully they will send a functionnal phone.

Today in Lyon very good download… Still very bad UPLOAD :frowning:
I had aswell disconnecting phone calls this morning with an important lead for my work. Was disconecting every 10 minutes on GSM regular phone call :frowning:
Am in discussion with Fairphone to send it back hopfully today.

Overall, at this point intime, I am disapointed that this phone never worked day one…it is the first time it happend to me in 20 years. And now I relie so much on my phone, I reallise I cannot afford a half working phone in 2022. The fairphone support is very very nice via phone ! Hopfully they will deliver on theire promise and replace quickely my phone.

I’ve skimmed through this topic, so forgive me if I’m repeating things here.

You’re saying that your Pixel 4a didn’t have these issues. Here is what that phone supports:

This is what the Fairphone 4 supports:

They’re not similar, the difference is mostly in LTE. Does your carrier officially support the Fairphone 4? Because it may be fixed with a better tuned profile or software fixes. If your carrier is supported, then FP likely can improve it for you.

Another issue could be that the quality of your provider is poor. Or that the region where you are doesn’t have good coverage. I see you are able to reach 500MB/s with 5G in another region. That’s quite nice. So I don’t think this is a problem related to the phone necessarily.

Maybe #contactsupport by phone? I think the phone is fine, it’s the carrier/coverage that’s lacking. That the P4a was doing a better job is strange though, and maybe can be fixed with software.

Have you tried using your P4a again? It may be interesting to see how well that phone is performing now. Who knows, maybe the carrier messed something up and the P4a is having the same issues.

Perhaps you could try a new SIM card to see that helps with your phone calls.

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The FP FAQ indeed suggests to use a SIM card not older than 3 years (if I recall correctly).

Which I did with an Orange SIM card. No idea how old is the card…I suppose maybe ~5 years…
My free mobile SIM is clearely more than 3 years…and I don t see why it wouldn t work…like with any other phone…None of the SIM I tried worked (Free SFR Orange = 4MB upload)

I just tried with a SFR SIM card 15 min ago …same thing 4MB UPLOAD :frowning:

Just found info on my FREE SIM

Try with another SIM card (new than 2 years). You might borrow one to perform a test

It’s worth the try, right? The alternatives are in a way also a downgrade. But I get you want things to work. Try and call them today. If still no luck and SIM card replacement is not for you, then I can respect that of course. You’ve tried.

By the way, your upload is usually capped. But your download is pretty decent, so your phone is capable of going faster, your carrier is setting these limits. I don’t see a reason to switch your phone. More like your carrier. Could it be that you became more critical about your data connection because you got a new phone? Is there a possibility to try a speedtest with your “old” Pixel 4a? It may be just as “bad”.

Thanks a lot for your help. The link on the SIM card is very interesting.
Concerning the SIM card I wanted to do it… but I had to change my adress on free mobile…and they are now sending me a post card with a number to validate the change(while I am moving almost every week!) …then they will send me a new SIM !!! I am fedup of all this. (looked into eSIM but can t have it on my free account)

I just spent so much time on this issue , I must say I am a little annoyed. As you mentionned FP4 tickes all my needs and convictions…but not the basic function of hearing someone on a GSM phone call or even receiving a SMS… It just bottom line I really need a phone working… If it was a DIY project I ll have fun tinkering…here it is and a 570€ phone. At this point in time I don’t feel I am using a 570€ phone…first time I ever spend so much money and first I have a problem with GSM SMS or data.

Finally the last test with orange SIM the Fairphone 4 does 4MB upload , and the iphone 8 plus from 2017 16MB/s Upload in the same room .

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You may also try a different speedtest service. The one you use has the best bandwidth though. At home I have 1Gbit/s, and the one below has often issues testing that. But it might be worth the try to see if the issue is with the speedtest.

After testing 24H the download now goes up to 300MB in 5G (after factory reset). But still the UPLOAD at the same time is only 1 to 5MB…sometime 0,5 MB.
Sending the phone back ASAP (got the package ready).

Just before sending the device back today, I did a factory reset…And thought: lets give it a try with English config (instead of french)… JUst pushing next, thinking it is the way this phone is tested… I got for the first time decent UPLOAD at 7-10MB ! :star_struck:
I am going to keep it over the weekend…and see if it continues to work…even will try activating 5G

I missed this conversation somehow but here’s my 5c worth:

My experience of Free is very good on the whole, and they’ve shaken up the mobile scene in France and got us some more reasonable prices and quality.

With my FP3 (NOT a FP4) and only 2/3 good signal in 4G I get 33 Mbps without using the app, just the webpage in Firefox. That’s quite adequate for most of my needs.

Thks @OldRoutard for sharing. I am now back to my Samsung A3 2017 and I am relieved to be using a working phone ! People can hear me when I speak! Internet is working.
WHat UPLOAD do you experience with FP3 ? (with FP4 I have up to 300MB DOWN after reset in english…but still 5MB UPLOAD)

They have received my phone for repair. Hope they will change my phone it for real, and will not get in to some stupid repair loop. Please send me something at the level of Samsung A3 2017


Well, you can’t really compare FP4 (which is 5G capable) with my old FP3 (4G), but here’s what I get connecting my PC to the Internet using USB tethering to the FP3 connected in 4G.

That’s at less than full cellular signal strength. The nominal USB tethering bitrate is 425 Mbps.

Your upload (5 Mbps) is / was very low compared with the download (300 Mbps), I agree. I don’t know what factors might explain that (though I expect they are legion).

And here it is the lamest answer from a support service.
I don t think they read any of the 1 pages report I gave them ! There is not even a mention of it.
They did theire own little test without even looking at the problem the UPLOAD.
They change poor signal qualituy to “can t send a phone call” !!!
My god what is this company ! Ho and of course send the phone back friday a 7PM without even calling me !


For good measure here is the letter I have joined …where do you see not beeing able to phone ???

I think there will be soon a crap Fairphone for sale on Ebay!

The phone maybe OK in an other situation ??

Who would sell crap to another person ???

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Fairphone on their website :smiley: for 570€ ! + waste of my time!
I will ask for a refund and if not will make a video on youtube to let people know not to buy this phone.

Well I thought there was a 30 There is a 14 day grace period to test the phone. Have you gone past that?

The query then becomes unless there is a fault with the phone, whereby it would be repaired or replaced under a valid warranty, why has it taken you more more that thirty days to communicate your dissatisfaction to Fairphone.

All you have/had to do was inform them you are sending it back and you would receive a full refund.

So are your disappointments just the ones in this topic or do you have others.

On the making video issue. It seems sensible to explain the difficulties you have so that people are forwarned of the possibilty, but they can still buy and test for 30 days. They may not have your problems…

I have an FP3 and never had any problem to have to contact support, this doesn’t mean I would recommend Fairphone. If someone wanted to support the Fair trade aspect I’d point out Fairphone is the way to go.

I don’t try to be an authority on what people should or should not do based on my experience, but yes providing info of your experience is vital. Proving for people not pushing people surely??

Take care

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I don’t know about that, but it seems y_cho has the phone more than two months. I would say it needs testing for upload which seems systematically low. The phone is of course under guarantee. Not many manufacturers offer five years :slightly_smiling_face:. Out of interest, I just checked Gg warranty. One year. We’re talking different philosophies here.

To my mind, the phone should go back for testing of all cellular connectivity and repair or replacement as necessary. If y_cho sells it instead, the warranty still applies I believe, but it seems to me that the best plan would be just to open a fresh ticket and make sure that Support understands what the problem is.

I want to thanks all of you on this forum for your kind help.
The only thing I am asking for is a phone that can access to internent like in 2020.
It s been a long, too long journey. I ll try with a new SIM card and put this phone for sale.
I now have absolutely no trust in fairphone products and fairphone support.
The support is very nice over the phone, but what I need is not a nice support , but a phone that just work.

I am very sade, as I realise that stutainability is also about having the same function. I cannot live and work with a phone that can t do GSM calls. My samsung A3 from 2017 that I am now using is much better. After one week using it I am back to normal, customers hear me on the phone !
The story of the phone that couldn t phone !

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Yes the 30 day was in my head from my Framework purchase, I hope. I have amend ed the previous post too. :blush:

You have a legal right to change your mind within 14 days and receive a refund (“Cool-off”). You are entitled to cancel your purchase within fourteen (14) days from the day the Product was delivered to You, without explanation and without any penalties.
Terms and conditions of sale Fairphone - Fairphone

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