[SOLD] Working FP2 on sale, 1 year guarantee

Hi all
I am selling my FP2 which mounts FPoS, works perfectly and comes with an extra never used original FP battery. At work they decided we all have to use a Samsung (yeah…jesus) and I cant have two smartphones.

I bought the FP2 one year ago so the buyer will enjoy one more year of guarantee. I really loved this phone, it has the translucent back cover (the 2nd generation one), and as a old environmentalist I will continue to follow and speak for the FP movement.

IMEI number and Fairphone invoice are available for perspective buyers. The FP2 will be sold within its original package and a 30 GB storage card.

Im in Italy and live close to the city of Viterbo, and sell the FP2 for less than half the price I paid: 250 euros.

Just drop me a line if interested:

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Hi Paolo,

I would like to buy your phone, but I live in Portugal. Do you have any idea on how we can make the deal?

Best regards,
João Almeida

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