[sold] Two FP2 to sell and parts

Hi, I sell two FP2,
one with the new camera modules and another one with the old ones.
I have a third FP2 with broken pin on both slim slots I can sell for parts.
I live in Toulouse and can send you the package if needed.

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Could you post a photo with the three FP2s displaying the date of today or tomorrow so that people are sure they work (or only two of them if the third one doesn’t work)?


Nice, at what price do you want to sell them?

I’m interested in one display…

Do you have a working bottom module you would be willing to sell separately?

May I ask why you haven’t post a photo with the three FP2s displaying the date of today or tomorrow as @Alex.A asked you four days ago?
Posting such a photo would tell us that this is a legitimate offer.

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Here are two pictures where you can the the two funcional devices. The third one should work but I should have to install again lineage os and this is the device without the working sim slots so I’d rather sell it for parts.

I’ll be happy with 150€ for the one with the new camera modules and 120€ for the one with the old cameras.

Yes I have one. I prefer to sell it all together but I can sell the bottom module for 20 euros alone.

Hi Rickyx, I can sell you one display for 55 euros. What do you think ?

Hi Lidwien ! I wasn’t around the Fairphones thoses last days :wink: I’ll try to check the messages here more often.

Thank you - in fact I have sourced one from elsewhere :slight_smile:

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Hi, do you still have any of these for sale? I think I only need a new screen (due to immersion in a lake) but am not sure until I can test, so may be happy to buy a whole phone with the better camera. Thanks

Did you contact a #fairphoneangel (if there is one in your area)?

I live in Newcastle upon Tyne - it looks like the closest is in Leeds, so I will have a look - thanks

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Hi. I would be interested in buying one of these if they are still available please?

Hi Anna,
I still have the FP2 with the new cameras.
I’ll be happy with 150€ and I can send it with the basic shipping option.

Hi Roblog,
I still have the phones.
I would like to sell the one with the new cameras for 150€ and the one with the older for 120€ and basic shipping within Europe included.

the 120 euro one : which android version ?
“shipping in europe included” : is this shipping with tracking number ?
do you have invoice of purchase or other document certifying you are the legitimate owner ?

thanks for your replies.

Hi Johann

Can I just check it is fully working etc. I probably just need to take parts from it.

Definitely still interested.