[SOLD] Solved #Utrecht: Spare parts for FP2 on offer, for free, before I leave Utrecht in the end of June '22

I offer the FP2 parts in the picture, preferably to a repair cafe or other non-profit project in Utrecht.

Just pick-up, before June 30th '22.

The cover, the microphone part and the newer camera are OK (on the left) , and the main body (on the right) was in a “crash” and can only be used for spare parts.

Please help me to give this back to the community?

Only pick-up from Utrecht/Zeist before the end of June 22.

Thanks, your friendly neighbourhood Erasmus student,



Dear friendly Erasmus student,
I am desperately looking for a bottom module (which contains the microphone and the USB port). Unfortunately, I can’t come to Utrecht. If you are willing to go through the hassle of sending it per mail to Germany, I’d be willing to pay. Please let me know.

Alternatively you can send a courier to pick it up

Hello, I could get a friend in Utrecht to pick these parts up if you still have them available? I work with groups with horses and music therapy and would love to have a good working fairphone to continue this work.


Hi Akash_Anna_Richter, thanks for asking.
I’m sorry!
I have unfortunately just now marked the things as sold/solved, because I am sending them out to scate_cat after all.

Greetings to yourself and your friend in Utrecht!

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