[Sold] Selling new Fairphone 2


I have a new Fairphone 2 white (unopened box). I like to sell it for 250 euros + post . I am willing to ship it in EU :slight_smile:

Br, Amanda Sahlstedt

Edit: This item is already sold, thank you for interest!

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Please add if you really only just bought it or if it is a warranty replacement.

In other words: People need to know how long the remaining warranty on the device lasts.

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Hi Amanda, very interested by your offer if the phone is still available, and… i’m in EU! I’m looking ot get a FP2 for a while now, and I hope we can make a deal :slight_smile:

How long is the warranty on the device?

Hi Amanda

I am interested in buying your Fairphone 2, hope you get in touch.


You should put sold in the thread title, just For the ease of people searching for a phone :grin: