[SOLD] Selling New Fairphone 2 Red

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Hello and a Happy New Year to everyone :slight_smile:

I have a brand new Fairphone 2 with the slim Red cover to sell ! My original FP2 had a few hardware issues which led me to exchange it fully last December. In the meantime I got another phone through my business so I’m happy to pass this one on.

Since it is brand new and the warranty runs for another 23 months, I’m selling it for 500 euros and am happy to post it anywhere (postage will be added to your cost). I’m based in Amsterdam, NL, home of Fairphone :smiley:

It has the original camera (8 and 2 MP) and all the protective slides still on.

Invoice and Serial Numbers are available on demand. The invoice mentions a Turquoise cover but my wife kept it for her FP2 :wink:

Thanks for getting in touch !

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If what you got in December was a warranty replacement, then its warranty period only lasts until your original FP2’s warranty period expires. It would only be 23 months if you bought the December phone. Maybe you can clarify this for potential buyers.

Hello, I’m interested to buy your phone, I’m leaving in France, and would have few questions. Please let me know,
Christophe Rihet.

Hi @urs_lesse !

You’re right, damn :sweat_smile: So for potential buyers, the warranty remaining is 6 months as the original phone was purchased in June 2016. As far as I know, this one does not have any hardware issues but I can run a few tests before you purchase it to make sure :wink:

Thanks for the heads-up :thumbsup:

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Hi @christophe_rihet :slight_smile:

Great ! You can post your questions here if they are of interest for everyone or you can send me a MP in French as I’m French too :fr:

All the best,


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