[SOLD] Selling my Fairphone 3+


I’m selling my FP 3+.

I’m also adding:

Protective case in black
Screen saver with privacy filter
Box with screwdriver

I bought it in January of this year. It is fully functional. I’m selling it from Germany.

Total price: 429€ (+shipping)/negotiable

Let me know.

Best regards

Hello! I’m interested in buying, if it hasn’t already been sold! I was just about to get a Fairphone 3 the other day, and it now turns out it has been discontinued. And since the 3+ is out of stock… well.


Hi. It has not been sold yet, you are the lucky one. Where do I send it? Wanna pay with Paypal?

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To Gothenburg, Sweden. Sure, we can use PayPal! I cannot use it myself, since a credit card payment on PayPal requires identification via a smartphone (which, incidentally, I don’t have), but we can use my partners PayPal account to pay, and ship to the address connected to her PayPal account.

Could you please give me a total of the estimated price, including shipping?

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I will put all together at the beginning of the week and let you know, ok? Enjoy your weekend.

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Alright, great. You too!

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You may consider to exchange the details via direct message (#how-to-dm).