[SOLD] Selling FP3+ in great condition with black case and original box/screwdriver - London, UK

Selling my Fairphone 3+ with its black protective case and original box with screwdriver. Bought from fairphone website.
In great condition! Phone is working same as when I bought it last April 2021. I did not use a screen protector so there are some microscratches which are only visible if you really look at the phone up close.
Barely used this phone after around 3 months because my old phone suddenly started working properly again after updating its system.

Warranty is 2 years from purchase as long as you have the order number which i can give to you as per fairphone website help info.

Selling at 290£. Original price with case 434.95£

Shipping from London, UK

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As it is customary to show an image of it working with today’s date, you show it was working on 5th Nov ~ can you update the image?


Hi, Your phone is still available ? Because i am interesting, do you accept PayPal for the payment and How much does it cost to send to France ?

hiya! would you consider selling for parts? looking to buy the back camera and screen if possible? thanks! :slight_smile:

Hello, no im sorry, only thewhole thing hehe

no worries, let me know if that changes!

Hi! I will buy it for 250 £

Hello, I might be interested in the phone, I’m situated in the EU tough. Do you have any experience concerning shipping (tolls/taxes) to EU from UK?

If you pay seller (UK) at asking price of ~ 300GBP it would arrive costing you the purchaser in EU ~ €450 including shipping. A UK seller would need to drop asking price by 20% if trying to sell to EU to remain competitive.

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Thank you for your answer, I assumed something in the likes. I will still wait for a reply from @JaymeJal, but will keep my eyes open for other opportunities to buy the phone, too.

Very steep. Where did you get your data from ?

Whilst more of a worse case scenario in post-Brexit situation, wanted to make EU members whom form the vast majority of forum users aware of realities of purchasing from UK.

If I send a 300GBP phone to EU in DHL Size 2 box that’s about 33GBP shipping cost and then EU purchaser has to pay DHL the VAT element of (20%) 60GBP plus their handling charge to recover VAT. If buyer pays by PayPal also gets poor return on Euro/GBP exchange rate. In retrospect it’s probably going to cost buyer nearer to €500 in total.

Of course I am not going down the route of buyer asking seller to mark item as non-working device to write down customs declaration value and using cheapest available courier.


Hello!! So sorry for the late response. It got busy during the Holidays. this phone is not available anymore. I will update the status as Sold. I hope you can find another one soon and blessings for this new year!


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