[SOLD] Selling FP3(+) in good condition with 200GB SD card and additional case


I sell my FP3 that I bought in March 2020 with an additional 200GB microSD. In Juli 2020 I got a new screen and a Protective Case Green + Screen Protector with Blue Light Filter (I will include the old case). I put on the protector on the new display, so there should be no scratches at all. I upgraded the back camera to the 48MP version in November 2020. I used the device in everyday live and it runs well on /e/.

I expect a price around 325€ but I am open for offers.

I can ship it within the EU.


Hi Stefan,

I am interested. I’m in the UK. Should we message privately? Can it be changed from /e/?


Hi Martin, just butting in here a bit.

If the phone was purchased via the /e/ foundation it still has a warranty with them until March 2022, so you may want to consider keeping /e/ for a while for simplicity.

If you change the OS what do you want? Fairphone will only deal directly, in the sense of warranty, if it has the default OS which is now Android 10 updated to 0134 (16 Nov ~ 6 Nov security update)

By the way I’m in Cornwall and wondering where Stephan and you are :slight_smile:

I purchased the phone through the official FP store, so not from /e/ directly. I am based in Germany.

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Hi, Your phone is still available ? Because i am interesting, do you accept PayPal for the payment and How much does it cost to send to France ? Thanks

Unfortunately no. I already sold it.