[Sold] Selling FP2 with new camera moduls and extra case in Germany

Hi everybody!

I am selling my FP2 (July 2016) since I replaced it with a FP3. I intended to use it as a backup, but this doesn’t seem necessary anymore. I upgraded the cameras (March 2018) of the FP2 and I got a replacement display due to a spot on the screen. I think a slight spot is still visible even with the replacement. I used the display foil from the beginning, so there shouldn’t be any scratches when you remove it. Also. I attach an additional case.

I would suggest a price of 125€, but it is negotiable.

I am sending the phone from Germany, but I am willing to send it everywhere in Europe.
As you can see on the photos I attach an a


Wow, an original transparent case - and in mint condition!!!

This might even be a collectors item!


I am based in France and would be very interested in buying this phone.
Yours faithfully,

Hallo, ich interessiere mich für das angebotene Fairphone 2. Haben Sie es noch? LG aus Bayern. Frieda

Sorry, I was already contacted via a private message earlier and alrleady sold it.

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