SOLD - Selling FP2 + extra battery and backcovers (Germany)

Fairphone 2
plus second battery
Backcover White, Indigo and Translucent Gray/Black
Bought December 2017
No faults everything works ok.
Shipping from Germany/Frankfurt
asking price 230€ + shipping costs

Fairphone 2
plus Ersatzbatterie
Backcover in Weiss, Indigo und Transparent Grau/Schwarz
Gekauft im Dezember 2017
Keine Mängel, Gerät funktioniert tadellos.
Versand von Deutschland/Frankfurt
VHB 230€ zzgl. Versandkosten

Hey :slight_smile:

I assume after 2 years your batteries will not be in too good of a shape? What cameras do you have in there, the older ones? And are those the bending covers? Because there are no new translucent ones, are there? If batteries, cameras and covers were new your request might be reasonable, but I’m currently not willing to invest that much into the old branch. Would still take it for something like 100 €, though, if you don’t get other takers and are willing to go down that much … Shipping for me would be in Germany, so should be easy.

All the best!

The batteries are both fine. The second one was just a spare one for long travels.
The main camera is the newer version with 12MP.
The translucent dark cover ist the one you cannot buy anymore.
All covers are without scratches.

Sorry, but 100€ is far to little. :slight_smile:

Best regards

Better camera sounds good. But bending covers will not be good for long and “batteries are both fine” can mean anything. Considering you got several spare covers and assuming your batteries would be useable for another year I increase my offer to 150 €, though. Just see it as an offer you can fall-back to, in case you don’t sell as you thought you would.

I see, numbers are required … I installed AIDA64 and the battery status is “good”. The observed battery capacity is 2420 mAh,
This phone does not have “spontaneous reboots”.

How about 170€ ? This should be a reasonable price.

Hm, was more thinking like the 150 including the shipping already then to be honest. But if you let me know your phone-number I will call you tomorrow and we can talk this through and maybe come to a deal?

Ok, please send me a pm and I can send you my phone number.

I wrote you a private message here. Let us use the forum-infrastructure so that people here can see what we talked. Just in case of problems. We are both using new forum accounts after all :wink:

FP2 + battery + covers is still for sale.
Asking price 170€ + shipping


ich würde das Telefon für 170 € kaufen. Es ist ein extra Akku dabei?und es funktioniert einwandfrei? Welche Android-Version ist da drauf? Und wie sind eigentlich die Kaufmodalitäten?

FP2 is sold. Thank you!