[SOLD] Selling FP1U (broken screen, 2100mAh battery)

I am selling my Fairphone FP 1U. It is generally in good condition, but the screen has got a hairline fracture at the bottom half, which makes the touchscreen in the bottom half unresponsive/sometimes autopushes the bottom right corner. The battery was exchanged a year ago and holds 2100mAh (the older ones only hold 1800mAh).
You could connect a mouse though and use it, I did it until my new mobile arrived. Or you could just use it for spare parts.
I am based in Oldenburg, Germany. I can send it via DHL or you can just come and fetch it. Just make an offer, I am sure we can figure something out.

edit: Great idea to limit users to not be able to send messages when they are new but locking the topics hereā€¦

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