(Sold) Selling FF3, new and sealed

I am selling my new, unopened Fairphone 3 (with receipt)

Hey guys,

I sell my new, still unopened Fairphone 3. the invoice is attached!

The phone is in Berlin, but can also be (insured) shipped within Germany.

Many greetings

350 Euros

Shipping from Berlin

When did you buy it, i.e. so how long will the byuer have warranty?


Hey yvmuell,

I bought the original phone from Cyberport in Dezember 2019. The FF3 was replaced during a warranty case in September. Due to German law, the new FF3 has a warranty of two years from September 2021 to 2023 in Germany.



Correction: The warranty will end in Dezember 2021.

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Could you quote the law. Fairphone give two years from the original.

If your assertion was to be true then a user only has to complain every 729 days and will have a phone for life.

  • Fairphone only give two years from original purchase
  • Cyberport can give a further two years but have they said they would?

Hello and thank you for your message.

I got my Information from here: Gewährleistung garantiert) → Verlängerung bei Reparatur und Umtausch.
Quote: “Tauscht der Verkäufer das Gerät gegen ein neues aus, beginnt die zweijährige Frist von vorn.”

But: Since Fairphone directly replaced the phone, due to a Software Issue, the Warranty will End in Dezember 2021.

Thanks Amoun for the Correction.


One problem you may well find is the price as the FP3 until sales stopped recently was only 399 Euros and that was with a two year warranty.

So with only 2 or 3 months of valid warranty you are asking a lot :slight_smile:

I have also noted, on another such sale, there was a request to show the phone working even though it was allegedly in a sealed box ??

Yes well, the Pricing. I am a bit confused, since a new FF3 is sold for 600 to 800 bucks on eBay. (SHS Fairphone 3+ Dual Sim 64gb + 4gb schwarz frei ab Werk 4g/lte GSM | eBay), SHS Fairphone 3 Dual Sim 64gb Rom schwarz frei ab Werk 4g/lte GSM | eBay)

I think 400 Euros is a Fair-price. But I would also sell it for 350. :wink:
Obviously I can’t show, if the Phone is working, since I don’t want to break the Seal!

That link shows an FP3+ for 848 Euros, well over the 439 Euros for a new one…
There may be some desperate or gullible people buying from ebay but there are not ‘Fair’ deals.

It is customary here on the forum to post a picture showing the phone in operation with today’s date on the screen.

In your case it would be best to sell by pick up, so the buyer can see what he/she buys.

I see. Pick up in Berlin is possible.

Or you open the package and start the phone and place a photo here.

…then I can no longer prove that the phone is brand new.

If this violates the community guidelines, I will delete the post, sorry.

You can leave your post here.
On this forum we are careful.
We had scam on this forum and that’s why I mentioned a pick up for handing over the phone.

Yes I see. I prefer selling the Phone to the Community. eBay is full of scammers nowadays.

I changed the price to 350 now.

You can open it

For a prospective purchaser you can refer them to this topic and
a) show the original purchase receipt
b) evidence of receiving the current phone

You could show video of you opening it.

Don’t forget there is no evidence (proof) that there is a phone in the box, let a,lone a working phone. Trust in such a situation works both ways.

See a similar post relating to
a) Opening
b) it had a two year warranty and
c) cost

Thanks for the Tipps again.
The Fairphone is sold now.

Have a great weekend!

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