SOLD - Sell FP2 - complete or spare parts in perfect conditions - SPAIN - €90

I am selling a whole FP2 by spareparts. I bought it 5 years ago and has been a nice journey. But now is becoming slightly slow. Although I have been working with LOS 17 for a year, I need now a new phone without speed issues. Nevertheless all modules are either new or in perfect shape to be reused. I also sell the complete FP2 if someone wants to keep using it (I recommend LOS 17).

The prices are:

  • Fairphone 2 Back cover → €5

  • Fairphone 2 Top Module (2MP) - original → €5

  • Fairphone 2 Bottom Module - new from 2020 → €10

  • Fairphone 2 Camera Module 12MP - new from 2019 → €10

  • Fairphone 2 Battery - new from 2020 → €10

  • Fairphone 2 Display - original (perfectly working) → €30

  • Fairphone 2 complete → €90

(I pay the shipping costs only if you get the whole phone)

I am living in Madrid, Spain, but I can ship it to other places in Europe.

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Could you post a photo with the FP2 displaying the date of today or tomorrow so that people are sure the phone works?

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That’s a little contradictory

Yes so what is the problem?

@Lidwien Yes I was going to ask the same but then I noticed the core module wasn’t for sale so I thought it couldn’t be shown working so I didn’t post, but now, after your prompt, I notice the word “properly” ?? so maybe it does work ??


That’s why I asked for a photo.


Yes! It works, let me upload a photo. But it is quite slow… It does properly the basic tasks, but you cannot use properly some applications. For instance, whatsapp works, but instagram or twitter can be slow and make the phone crash from time to time. I was using LOS 17 because is light and you can install only the play store and no more google apps. That is why I don’t sell the core module alone. But the spare parts work perfectly (that is mainly the price). And also, if someone wants to play around, is wellcomed.

If you get the whole phone, I can pay the shipping costs. I don’t want to get rich with it, I only want that is reused as more as possible.


Since you are on LOS, you surely are an experienced user.
So, please forgive me, to link to this posting nevertheless:


Is the phone still in sale?
Greetings, Martin.

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Yes! You can reach me by DM

Hi, I am interested in the display module and the bottom module, are they still available? How much would cost shipping to Germany? Many thanks.

I think that between 15 and 20€ at most. Nevertheless, I would prefer to sell the whole phone. Therefore, if I haven’t sold the phone in about two weeks I can send you the parts without problem!

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Hi @artz19, I’m interested in the 12MP camera module and the battery, if you don’t sell the whole phone, please reserve me those 2 parts, thanks. NOTE: I’m located in Spain.

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