[SOLD] Sell Fairphone true wireless stereo earbuds green

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I bought a Fairphone 4 incl. Earbuds on the 06.05.2022 and the Fairphone is amazing but I don’t really need the Earbuds.
They are green, really pretty, light and enjoyable.

So I decided to sell them. I prefer that someone enjoy them and they don’t dust in their case over here.

They are perfectly working, and I just used them for testing.
The guaranty is for two years.

Price is €70 + shipping.

I’m in Paris/France, I can either give them to the new owner or ship them somewhere else.


Je viens d’acheter un Fairphone 4 avec des écouteurs wireless vert, dont je vais pas me servir car j’en possède déjà. Ils fonctionnent parfaitement, je les ai juste testés. La garantie dure deux ans.

Je voudrais donc les mettre en vente pour 70€+frais de port.
Je suis à Paris et je peux soit faire une remise en main propre soit un envoi.

Hi and welcome to the forum.
So why did you buy them if you didn’t need them ??

Are you sure they may not be usefull one day?

Hi Amoun,

They came with the phone. I have already similar ones that I am going to keep…

That isn’t how it was designed.

I understand you have to specifically ask for them and you already had some :slight_smile:

Maybe you wanted to see if the Fairphone ones were any better :slight_smile:

Yes, it is the case. I liked the design and I wanted to try them. But I was not entirely satisfied with the listening to music experience so I preferred to keep my old ones. But they won’t be wasted though, a new owner will enjoy them.


AFAIK there’s currently a special offer that you get them for free along with a new phone.

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