[SOLD] Sell Fairphone 2_completely untouched | Verkaufe original-verpacktes FP 2

Hello Fairphone-Community,

I am selling my brandnew, completely untouched, originally packed Fairphone 2.

After I had some troubles with the one I originally got, I sent it back to Fairphone company. They replaced it and send me this brandnew one in September 2019. But in the meantime I got a new smartphone which I am using until now.

So, I still have this brandnew Fairphone 2, INDIGO colour, in orginial package.

I live in Germany but can send it basically everywhere - delivery cost will be on the buyer.

Price: 300 Euros, debatable

Looking forward to hearing from you (you can also send me an email directly: shadow-cruiser@ gmx.de).

Best regards


Ich verkaufe hier ein brandneues, ungenutztes und original-verpacktes FairPhone 2.

Ich hatte ein Fairphone gekauft, das hatte dann ein paar Fehler, sodass ich es wieder zurückgeschickt habe. Fairphone hat mir dann ein neues Gerät geschickt (welches ich nun verkaufe). In der Zwischenzeit hatte ich mir aber ein anderes Smartphone besorgt, das ich bis jetzt nutze.

Das FairPhone 2, Farbe: indigo, ist also komplett ungenutzt und originalverpackt. Es datiert von September 2019.!

Ich wohne in Deutschland, kann aber auch woanders hin senden. Portokosten trägt der Käufer.
Preis: 300€ VHB

Ich würde mich freuen, von Dir zu hören und das Phone einer weiteren Nutzung zuführen zu können! :slight_smile:
Mehr Infos oder Fotos gern bei Bedarf. Ihr könnt mich auch direkt anmailen: shadow-cruiser@ gmx.de .

Viele Grüße

You can move the blue band without breaking it.
Charge the phone and make a photo of the phone showing the date of Thursdauy.

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Hey guys.

Sorry, I was travelling. But here you find some new pictures with “prove” of today’s date! . Unfortunately, I did break the seal to open it.
If you need more info, please let me know.

Looking forward to hearing from you!

Hi. Is it still on sale? Where do you live? I am from Berlin. I tried to send you a direct message but didn’t work.

You have to be a basic user for this. Edit: You already are basic user. Hmm. What did you try to do to send a message?

Still on sale. You can also send direct emails.

I don’t know why @Mactoni can’t send you a direct message. Perhaps I could create a PM conversation and leave it to let both of you discuss the details, if it suits you.

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He has sent me an email in the meantime. but thank you!

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Hi! Is the telephone still o sale? Thanks

@Alex.A Yes, I was already with @Kon_Rad in contact through private email. Thanks so much both!

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Yes, phone still on sale.
I reconsidered the price: 300 EUR seems fair. (excluding shipment)

Looking forward to hearing from you.

EDIT: price 300 EUR
(excluding shipment)

Dear Support-Service. Is it possible to edit my first post (regarding the suggested price)? Thank you.

I have done it for you.

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Not in the German part though.

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Oeps. Thank you for letting me know.

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I would be interested in, i live in Italy. How much can be shipping cost, do you know? Thanks

Sold and sent to Italy - thread can be closed.
Thank you all and long life the fairphone!