[Sold] P2 (12MP) + 14 Months Warranty


I am selling my FP2 (12MP camera), it was bought in March 2018 from the Co-op and is therefore still under warranty. The phone itself is in excellent condition with all original modules and battery, the screen has been protected since day one with a screen protector. The phone will come in its original box as well. The phone has the ability to be upgraded to Android 7, however I have not yet done so due to potential bugs.

The asking price is £230 plus postage.

Please feel free to comment or PM me for any further information


hi i am interested in buying your phone. DM me to discuss the details :slight_smile:


Hey there! is the phone still available? :slight_smile:


Hey. I’m interested. Is it still available?


Hi, I am also interested if the three people before me didnt reach you :wink: thx


I’m interested too…


Hi all, unfortunately the phone has now been sold