[SOLD] Offering Bottom module and Screen Fp2


My Fairphone 2 (bought in 2017) is not working anymore, due to many fall and also to the battery.

I sell the spare parts :
Screen, 2017, good state (50€)
Bottom module, 2021 (I changed it because of problems on the microphone), good state (20€)

I’m from France. Please contact me if you’re interested !

Hello. I would be interested in the bottom module. I sent you a pm. Kind regards

Hi Stephane, I’m willing to pay 30 for the bottom module (plus postage) to Portugal


I no longer sell the bottom module. I will write you in MP.

(Don’t know how to change the topic on [sold], if you know please tell me !)

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Hi Nester,

The bottom module is no longer available for now. I will let you know if it changes and if I look for a new buyer…

Best regards,