[SOLD] Offer for sale: as good as new FP4 5G 8Gb/256Gb

Fairphone 4 5G Grey 8/256 Gb (6 weeks old now) with blue light screenprotector.
Very well functioning.

I would like to offer my FP4 because I decided to buy a Murena FP 4.
Because I do not want to be connected to Google-drive and other bigtech companies which do not respect my privacy enough in my opinion. Unfortunately I did not know about the Murena at the moment I bought the Andoid fp4.

The fp4 is brand new without any sign of use, because I carry the phone with fp-cover in a “mission darkness” faraday case.

This fp4 has nearly the full 5 year warranty. You can buy it for € 575,-
(€ 107 less then I paid/ for 6 weeks use)

Living in the north of the Netherlands, you can pick up at my home adress or I can ship the phone on behalf of the buyer.

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Just for your information : are you aware that it is possible
to install the /e/ OS to a non-Murena FP4?


Thank you for your reply.
Having investigated that option, I contacted the manifacturer FP and decided not to do that, because it makes the warranty complicated/useless.
The local phoneshop concluded not to be able to restore the original android configuration.

I didn’ read the full warranty page, but if I remember well warranty is not void when installing custom OS…

That’s currently true, but an image of the original OS should be available soonTM :wink:


Google drive is optional as are many google related apps. You may want to consider de-googling the phone, this is not a warranty issue.

Anyway you can ask support|at|fairphone iff installing /e/ is a problem in that if you have to send it in, then will they not just reinstall FOS for you ? No harm in asking.

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Hi amoun, that might be a very suitable and convienient solution, which I passed by unfortunately. I did not specifically ask, but other users could probably be alerted.

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this link:

directs to:

In the past, we offered Fairphone Open for our devices. Fairphone Open is an OS without pre-installed Google services. Unfortunately, you will not be able to run Fairphone Open OS on your Fairphone 4. Yet. To keep updated on this subject, subscribe to our newsletter or check our official alternative software page regularly.

What about the warranty?

Please keep in mind that Fairphone can only provide support for devices running on Fairphone OS.

This information is also stated in our warranty and is accessible to you in our legal section.

Revert to Fairphone OS

Currently, this is not possible. We are working hard on making the software package available to you but for now, contact our support team and they’ll be happy to help you out. Keep this in mind when installing a third-party OS.


the above statements made me reserved in making modifications regarding this:


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Murena website states that the Murena FP4 is also under the warranty scheme of the standard FP4 (2 up to 5 years), but it is not clear whether the warranty procedure and any warranty claim appeal will need to take place through Murena or directly with Fairphone. If the latter is correct, then will the Fairphone company accept to repair/replace a FP4 (or FP3+ as well) without Fairphone OS installed? If not how will the owner be able to reinstall the Fairphone OS on a FP4?

I think these are some of the important questions that need concise answers before making a decision. Does anybody already have information from Murena or Fairphone regarding these?

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As long as its not possible for yourself to reinstall FPOS this will be done in the repair center or by Murena, when the process goes through Murena. We have no official statement, but we have some information, that as long as the FPOS files are not publicly available the FP4 can be reset to FPOS by FP repair center. However, I’m not sure if the OP wants this discussion here, but just made a decision to sell and buy a new phone.

Edit the links to the statements available for completeness


Thank you yvmuell.

You’re right. Maybe it would be a good idea to move (or copy) my post and your answer to a new thread in the discussion section so that more people can come across the valuable information that you provided.

But I do not know whether I am authorized to do it and how. I will have alook at it. If any one of us in the meantime can do it, I would appreciate.

It is customary here on the forum to post a picture showing the phone in operation with today’s date on the screen.

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Hi Lidwien, as requested, I posted 2 pictures


I’m interested. Can we do the serial number and IMEI-number check as per How to safely sell or buy a second hand Fairphone ?
I’ll pm you my email address.

Hi So_ren
Thank you for you reply. Yesterday evening the FP4 had been sold from another internet marketplace, Myself being abroad, wasn’t in the opportunity to mention it on this forum. I’m sorry for that. Kind regards, Bernard

The FP4 had been sold