[SOLD] Offer: Completely intact FP1U

Hi there,

I am offering my completely functional FP1U.

Every part of the phone is working just fine and nothing has been replaced so far.

The display has no cracks, only a few scratches that can be seen in direct sunlight but do not affect usage.

The battery is still the same as when i bought it 3 years ago. It is working and lasts a little more than 1 day (with charging overnight) with moderate usage (like approx. 1 hour of phone calls, whatsapp, a bit of internet/surfing/navigation and a few hours of music per day).

The back of the phone shows slight signs of usage like minimal dents and a few scratches in the aluminium cover.

As I am a geologist, there are a few grains of sand underneath the cover in the “battery compartment”. I have cleaned it a few times, but somehow there are a few of them appearing now and then. However, this does not affect the functionality of the phone.

I live near Frankfurt/Main in Germany, either I can sell the phone in person or via shipment and PayPal. If you are interested in buying it please contact me in a personal message.

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