[SOLD] Good condition FP2 + backup accessoires 170 EUR + S&H

I am selling my lovely Fairphone 2 with v2 display, v2 front/back camera and orig. packaging bought around April 2016. It is in good condition, apart from the case (breaking in corner). The screen is in great condition. The reason I sell it is because I bought a FP3, and I don’t have a good use case for the FP2 for the time being.

The latest FPOS is freshly installed. You can install TWRP, install something else such as LineageOS if you prefer. The smartphone is stable, it is currently not using the paper hack to make the battery fit better. If you get reboot issues, try that first. I didn’t have these on my install (LineageOS + microG).

Included are:

  • Two translucent backcovers (one damaged, other one is starting to break; there was a recall on these)
  • Spare screen (with a white spot, pressure issue, and small physical damage on the bottom right; so I would only use it if the current screen gets shattered),
  • Two spare batteries (one still OK, other one is on like 80%)
  • Orig. v1 front/back camera (backup)
  • Bottom module with broken mic and no vibration motor (also spare for if the microUSB on current module would break).

I’ve used mostly magnetic microUSB for charging, the USB port is still good. No microSD included. FP2 IMEI are registered on my account, and transfered to yours after sale.

Anything you don’t want/need I can bring to Fairphone HQ to recycle as its easy to reach from Amsterdam CS which I pass regularly.

If you need more pictures I can probably find some time during the day to make some better ones. Feel free to ask!

Because the backcovers are on the way out the price is 170 EUR (+ S&H for buyer). I recommend to buy a new one color of your choice (for 30 EUR) or repair the current one. Payment via IBAN.

Have fun :slight_smile:

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I’m interested !

Hi chr,

I got one person who PMed me before you did that she is interested in buying the package. She should let me know the coming days. If not, you’re next in line.

Thank you,

Update: the whole package comes with a (used) Feuerwear Mitch 10 case as it fits the Fairphone 2 well, but not the Fairphone 3.

Hi ! I’m interested, can you keep me posted in case it’s still available ?

Thanks !

Will do! (post needs 20 chars)

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Where did you got that sticker. like that one.

iFixit, was free with an order


I got the fix the world one as well (unused) and a whole lot more stickers. I don’t actually like stickers that much anymore.

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The person who contacted me via PM is no longer interested. @chr @meli you are next in line (I saw you also in an other thread).

First, @chr, are you still interested in buying the FP2 + accessories? Where would you like to have it shipped to?

I’m also interested, in case @chr and @meli have already found a FP.


Sorry for the time since my last message.
I’ve tought a lot and finally decided to buy a new FP3.

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No worries, thank you for your message.

@meli are you still interested?

@MariaM you’re next in line.

[EDIT]Reserved for meli, awaiting payment.[/EDIT]

[EDIT]Received, will send package Friday. Closing thread.[/EDIT]