[SOLD] Give away FP2 with indigo case

I want to give away my Fairphone 2 because I’m not patient enough to solve all the problems it has. I’m sure many of the spare parts are still good and maybe with a little effort, the software problems can also be fixed. I’d be happy to sell the phone for anything more than 40€ (+ shipment costs), but I only sell it in one piece.

Problems the phone had so far:

  • very left part of the touch screen isn’t working anymore, couldn’t type the 1 or the q, otherwise it had little effect
  • battery was bad although I did the trouble-shooting including back-up and the purchase of a new battery just last year, so I think the battery itself should be fine
  • speakers don’t work perfect, I didn’t take the effort to trouble shoot but it’s not possible to make a phone call using the speakers, could also be a software issue though
  • headphone plug-in also had its problems
  • it had several software-related issues: the phone did random and spontaneous restarts that were pretty annoying, in the end it was very slow and I always had to wait for reactions, apps were closed regularly out of no reason, calls didn’t reach me although the connection worked fine, …
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Hi there, I’m interested :slightly_smiling_face: I’ll send you a DM.

(And welcome to the Forum :wink:)

Seems, I’m too late. :relaxed:
If alex21 isn’t interested any more, I would be.