[SOLD] GERMANY: FP2/indigo slim - 12MP camera module - LineageOS 15.1 (Android 8.1) - EUR 220 + s/h


I’m selling my Fairphone 2 (bought 07/2016). It’s got a new battery & bottom module in January 2019, the screen has been replaced about a year ago (ghost touch issues), no problems since that. The display has no scratches.

It comes with an indigo slim case (used) but no other accessories and I don’t have the original packaging anymore. It runs really well with LIneageOS 15.1 and has the recent updates.

IMEI and electronic copies of the invoices are available upon request. DHL shipping with tracking within the European Union.


I’m interested in the phone. I’ve been using the FP1 until recently but need a new OS now. Is Lineage the original OS for the FP or did you install it? Do all Android apps run on that OS?
Could you send me a copy of IMEI and invoice? That would be great.
From where do you ship?
Thanks in advance

Hi Fabian,

LineageOS is basically Android, so it runs Android apps like any other Android distribution. I installed it myself using the TWRP bootloader as described here:


I will ship from the Munich area.

I will send you the IMEI and invoices via PM.


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