-SOLD- FP2 under warranty for sale!

Hey !
I am selling my FP2 that is still under warranty (december 2016), IME1 : 359069070107455. The phone works perfectly well as I am a cautious person. I am selling the phone as I need a fully waterproof phone (I’m a lifeguard).(Please see the attached picture)

You will get :

  • a fairphone 2
  • with its indigo case
  • a long USB cable to charge your phone

I ask for 400€, shipping included as the phone is still under warranty and in excellent conditions. I live in Paris, France. Do not hesitate to contact me for more information. Have a nice day ! :sunny:

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Looks like it didn’t finish uploading before you finished your post.

Thank you ! the picture is now uploaded :slight_smile:

Do you ship internationally?

Salut, je suis interessee pour ton fairphone. J’habite aussi sur paris. Est ce que il serait encore disponible? J’aimerais bien l’avoir pour 350 euro, comme c’est de deuxieme main…

J’attende tes nouvelles!



Yes, I can :slight_smile:

Is this still for sale? Are you happy to ship to Australia? Thanks

Hello, no sorry the phone is already sold