[SOLD] FP2 spare parts. - Holland

I have 2 FP2 phones that have broken core modules and a extra spare bottom module.
All other parts of the phones are fine.
The red telephone slim case lacks a corner and no longer charges due to the broken core module. The charge lamp flashes red. It is not a fault in the bottom module. We tested that in another FP2.

The blue phone is still charging but gives a speckled screen due to the broken core module. It is not the screen. With another working screen it has the same problem. Sometimes it starts with a normal screen but then crashes very quickly.

Let me know what you need and we will make an arrangement.



Considering prices for new spare parts:

Display:       87 € * 2 = 174 €
Top module:    30 € * 2 =  60 €
Bottom module: 25 € * 3 =  75 €
Battery:       20 € * 2 =  40 €
Slim case:     30 € * 2 =  60 €
Camera (8MPX):              ? €
Total (new):              409 €

Given their age and obvious heavy use (one slim case cracked) I’d be willing to give you 100 € for everything.


The Main camera module is the newer version (12MP)?
How old is the battery? How long it holds before running out?
Blue black cover is in good shape?

In the case the main camera is 12MP, I could be interested in everithing you say yes. give me a price.

Hello freakcio,
I’ve already bought all available parts. Sorry.
The cameras are 8MPX (old) by the way.

Hi Freakcio,

Stephan is right. I made a deal with him to sell the lot.


Ok thanks!

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