[Sold] FP2 - One of the first, red cover, updated cameras + 2 FP2 as spare parts

I’m selling my FP2, one of the first batch. The phone is in perfect condition.
It has a new red cover, a new bottom module and a new battery (old batch but under 6 months of use). Glass protection screen is applied (Brotect from www.protectionfilms24.com). I am not the first owner, bought it second hand online. Bonus: two FP2 I bought as spare parts phones with good screens.

I am from Romania, Bucharest.

Price: 200 Euro. Money can be sent to a bank account (SEPA transfer) or Paypal, in advance.

The buyer arrange for tranport, check the price and pay for it.



Hi, Krell

Why are you selling? Do you know PayPal?

I might be interested but i have one question : do you know how old is this phone, and especially the batterie?

I’m in France, how can we do the delivery/payment in a secure way?

Hey, I would like to buy - I’ve sent you a PM.

That’s ok, yes please let me know as soon as it is available! All the best

is the phone sold? where are you located?

I would like to buy this one, if it’s still functional and without Ubuntu or if it’s reversible.

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Merry Christmas, ho, ho, ho! Still available.

Dear Krell, im not fully sure just from the picture - does the phone work with Ubuntu?

No, in the pics is android 6. It had android 7 and now fairphone open 7. Any OS can be changed and I can deliver the phone with any OS. It is a smartphone and not a feature phone, so any compatible OS can be installed.

Hi! Still unsold? I am interested.

Hi. Yep, go ahead. Make my day.

C,mon people, it is the best offer out there. It includes 2 spare screens, the screen being the most damaged part in any phone and most expensive after the core module. Under this circumstances maybe I shall try a sociological experiment with that package or I shall prepare it for recycling and post it on YT - in both cases I will lose money.

Happy new year!

What sort of damage, does the screen have?

Which screen has a damage? Are you people able to read and understand some simple lines? Anyway, thanks for the bump and a happy new year to all!

Not sure if I can DM you, yet; not sure how to get basic forum rights, haha. Regardless, I’m interested in buying.

Hi Krell,

If Erhannis doesn’t take it consider me next in line.



Hi, thanks. I will let you know.