[SOLD] FP2 in good working order, plus second FP2 that needs some love (but works!) (NL)

For sale: FP2 with second gen case, upgraded rear camera, new screen (all of these under warranty - screen protector is still on) in good condition, currently loaded with clean Android 9.0 LineageOS Pie.

In addition, I have a second FP2 that works but has some issues (slightly loose USB - cable falls out sometimes, problem with proximity sensor on front, sometimes reboots when plugged in - could be my cables/power adapters). The battery in this one isnt as good as in the other phone. This also has the second generation hard case, and is running a clean Android 9.0 LineageOS Pie.

Make me an offer. I am based in Utrecht, but am in Amsterdam and Den Haag every week.

Hello, I’m interested if you can ship it to France via your national postal service. My FP2 has a cracked screen, and I’m temporarily working in the USA, where Fairphone won’t ship me a screen in the USA (and they said they only ship DHL, which won’t forward from my French postal address). But, I have mail & small package forwarding via La Poste in France.

Also, my wife’s Nokia 808 needs replacing, so with your offer I could get a replacement screen, a working FP2 for her, and have some spare parts.

So, I’ve seen other FP2 sell recently for 130 EUR, and I in another thread here someone is selling one in near working condition for 150 EUR. Would you accept 200 EUR + shipping via your postal service?

Ciao, I’m interested too. I sent you a message. Hello!

Hi @jkepler I think thats a fair offer. I need to investigate postage. I may also find some other spare parts like an original camera. This will be two phones and some possible spare parts. No charger. Lets PM from here.

@ugo If this falls through I’ll let you know! good luck.

Hi! Just in case you might still need a buyer, I’m interested in the first FP (the one in better condition). It would work for me if you could ship it to Germany in the next week or so (I live in Peru and could have it brought here by collegues). My offer would be 310EUR (the price I have seen on Ebay) + shipping via DHL. Let me know if this is of any interest! Cheers

The devices were sold to @Eli.lgx and are on their way to her now!