[SOLD] FP2 for sale whole or in parts

Hi, I am looking to sell my almost working FP2.
I gave up on it when the bottom module stopped working (I suspect connectivity issues, it used to work if you squeezed the bottom of the phone).
I bought the phone second-hand from the forum in 2016, it’s one of the first 17,418.

The screen has its fair share of scratches, but nothing dramatic, and it also has a small area that is brighter than the rest (never bothered me). The turquoise slim case has survived many falls and the corners are the evidence of that (yet it still holds together). The phone occasionally experiences some of the typical Fairphone hiccups - a random reboot, heating up, a horrible camera (the old type). The battery lasts a day with light usage.

I was too risk-averse to invest in a new bottom module but I hope I can still support the movement and the community by becoming a spare parts provider. My prices are:

core module: 50 eur + shipping
screen: 20 eur + shipping
top module: 5 eur + shipping
anything else: only shipping

You can also have the whole phone for 60 eur + shipping

You’re welcome to make offers.

PS. I also have a “vintage” blue transparent case with deformed rubber and another broken bottom module to give away for the connaisseurs.


Hi, have sent you a PM with regard to purchase of whole phone.

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