SOLD FP2 for sale - factory refurbished still in warranty

I am selling my unused factory refurbished FP2 in indigo colour. I received it in june 2018 and it’s still under the original warranty for another 6 months.

Phone comes in its original box still sealed after delivery and I can provide IMEI number (please, see photos below).

I am selling it for €400 plus shipping cost (depends on the destination). As I mentioned before, the phone has not been used at all.

I am currently based in France and happy to sell it in person or ship to another european country (in this case, I accept bank transfer).


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I´m an old Fairphone1 &owner&user but since it recently broke for good I´m looking to buy a new one…I´m interested in yours but since I don´t know about Fp2 I´m interested to know why you want to sell yours…?I was rather satisfied with my FP1 but can´t say that it was ever working smoothly…
All best

Hi Rostamo,

I am selling it because my partner bought me another second-hand phone while I was waiting to receive a replacement for my Fairphone. I got used to it and I’ve made a pratical decision to sell Fairphone which has not been used yet.

Please, don’t hesitate to contact me if you’d like to know more about the phone.

Best wishes,

Hi there, is this phone still for sale?

Hi Lucy,

I apologise for late reply. Unfortunately, it’s no longer available. But thank you for your interest.

Best wishes,

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