[SOLD] FP2 for Sale - Brand new battery

I’m selling my Fairphone 2, sadly although amazing for ethical reasons it doesn’t suit my lifestyle where I head into the mountains and am moving to Canada.

It was bought in Nov 18 and is the Coral Red Slimline Case against Child Labour, it has a screen protector and a brand new battery. It is in really good condition, having only been used lightly in the past couple of months.

It will be entirely re-formatted ready to use.

I am selling from the UK, and would prefer GBP300 or nearest offer. PM me, and we can sort postage etc. I can also include more photos if you would like.

I am so sad that the fairphone isn’t for my lifestyle, as I really support the idea :frowning: !!

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Hello Rosie,
I send you a PM :wink:

Hi Rosie, I also just sent you a PM, in case the phone’s still available. - jkepler

Hello, I am interested. Have you sold your FP2 yet?

Hi everyone,
This item is no longer for sale. Good luck finding your Fairphone.

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